Drone Inspection

Drone inspection allows a better understanding of repair and further evaluation requirements minimizing costs and safety risks. All too often a contractor starts on a restoration only to ask for additional money to repair things that were not anticipated in the beginning due to an incomplete inspection.

Why use a forensic engineer as your drone pilot?


A photographer that is into forensic engineering knows what to look for. 


We are experienced with flying drones near buildings.

Drone Inspections Include


We will give you a presentation of our findings from the inspection.

Access to all Photos

You will have access to all the photos via a USB drive.



We will also give you our recommendations based on the things we learned from the inspection.



Licensed pilot from the FAA


We have aircraft insurance. 


An experienced pilot with a log of successful flights. This log is required by all licensed pilots.

Get a Complete Understanding of the Exterior Condition of a Structure

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