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A white paper is an authoritative report giving information or proposals on issues. The following White Papers were written by Blair Bates to help with the understanding of Building Renovations so that the structure being restored will last as long at the original.

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New Versus Historic Mortars

So, what’s the difference and what should I use?

In today’s fast-paced world, we are continually trying to make things better, stronger, and faster. The same can be said for mortar. In our rush for improvement, we disregard thousands of years of historic proof that lime-based mortars are more durable than Portland cement-based mortars. This paper intends to take the mystery out of mortar mixes.

Facade Anchorage Failures

The Need For More Investigation Prior To Repair

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are annually being spent on maintaining building envelopes. Unfortunately, many of the building façade repairs are being performed without a complete understanding of the buildings current overall condition. That is “the veneers current capacity has been reduced due to deterioration and the system can no longer continue to perform in its intended role”.

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