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What do you need to know about salvaging old brick?


Quite often we find specifications or owners requesting that we are to use historic salvaged brick to match the building that needs work. Recently I view a specification for salvaging brick from a 1910 Era building that was 4 wythes (4 bricks) thick and all of the brick were to be salvaged for re-use. They were to be re-used in mostly the outer wall of a building in my Michigan environment. Now that’s a mistake…

What is the meaning of the headless craftsman logo?


 Surprisingly, when asking masons in the field what they were using as a mortar, Their answer was a type N. They were repointing an early 1905 brick masonry structure. So, I asked why that type. Their answer “what the architect told the boss to use.” In my usual inquisitive way, I asked “what is the original mortar”?

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